Latest and greatest high performing home retrofit from GEC

Last week G.E.C. proved that a Deep Energy Retrofit can perform on par with new construction high-performance homes. Our Sudbury DER blew a 0.33 ACH50! The energy nerd crowd will recognize this as meeting AND beating the requirement for a Passive House. (The ultra-high performance building standard founded in Germany and now growing in popularity in the US).

The home also now boasts Wasco tilt-turn triple glazed windows, a Zehnder HRV, (Heat Recovery Ventilator), Mitsubishi heat-pump air handlers, all LED lighting, and a super insulated building shell, or "envelope" that far exceeds energy code. 

Once a drafty aging Cape style home with poor thermal comfort, a seeping foundation and high energy bills, GEC lifted the home off its foundation to add three 8" courses of CMU block, creating a gracious living level on the sloping lot with walk-out access to the south facing back yard. 

This presented the opportunity to insert a capillary break between the CMU and the wood frame of the house to prevent any moisture from wicking into the wood.  

Durability measures added include a french drain and a passive radon vent, as well as a new insulated floor slab with a vapor and air control barrier. 

Photo Sep 02, 11 43 39 AM.jpg

Windows fill the lower level with light and remove any feeling of being in a basement. The home now has a new lease on life for the next 100 years as an example for the neighborhood to aspire to.